Saturday, March 25, 2017

Single stage to orbit for deep space.

Fooling around with a "cheap as nuts" disposable central section, essentially a girder with tanks and the bare minimum aero surfaces.
The outriggers use an aero-spike nozzle, one foldable control surface and a pivoting re-entry wing.
I will explore that further, in another doodle, as a lifting surface for take off.
The concept is of a single stage to orbit craft for deep space or to reach a Lagrange point space station. Max thrust to weight becomes far more important than absolute reuse-ability.

On the drawing side,  it's a bit better, more unified, and I'm Ok-ish with the post scan work.
Right now, I can scan a bit bigger than A4, but drafting freehand is easier on A3. I can tile the pretty well, but if people start ordering these in A2 or A1, it's not going to cut it!

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