Tuesday, March 21, 2017

MD-902 With a somewwhat correct engine.

The actual engine referenced in the documents about the MB-902 is not available on the internets, or I have not found it -yet.
The closest I could find were the "low power" versions: the Isotta Fraschini Asso 750, instead of the actual Asso 1000. This is thanks to the picture database of the AEHS.
In any case, the general shape and size is the same, and the W16 now makes the shape of the fuselage "fit" where the V12 was sort of odd. This is a bit "aviation archaeology" by way of the pencil...
For the cut outs, they are based on other Macchi or Bellomo aircraft of the same period.

From a drawing standpoint, this is all done with 0.7mm H mechanical pencil.
I was starting to get limited by this but did not upgrade yet.

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